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"Through chances  various, through all vicissitudes,
we make our way"
                        -Vergil's Aeneid


Founded in 2005, Orsus Investments, LLC was an alternative asset  manager located in San Diego, CA committed to  providing sophisticated investors with superior asset management. 


Orsus is Latin for "beginning."  The creation of this company was aimed at providing investors with a new beginning.  Orsus provided an alternative to the average underperformers that have become the norm on Wall Street.  Too often, Wall Street money managers charge high fees while being praised for average performance.  We think investors deserve better.  


We developed a multi-strategy approach that used a proprietary trading system.  The system sought absolute returns unlike traditional mutual funds and financial advisors.  We used strict money management and complex quantitative strategies that reduced overall portfolio risk.  Although our goal was capital appreciation, we sought capital preservation before all else.

Research & Methodology 

Orsus implemented a top down investment approach using macroeconomic themes.  Our research and methodology was based on understanding investor psychology and financial theory.  Through the understanding of market psychology we derive that markets are non-linear dynamical systems that are susceptible to inefficiencies.  Markets are inefficient in short time periods due to their chaotic nature (a symptom of human psychological irrationality).  This creates opportunity.  Combined with very strict risk management tools we were able to achieve our goal of high absolute returns.  

Performance Matters

We sought a performance based culture in which investors avoid high fees where performance is non-existent.  As Winston Churchill said, "It is no use saying, 'we are doing our best.'   You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary."  Without performance we are not an asset to you therefore we believe you should not pay fees when performance is not delivered.


We place the highest importance on our responsibility to service our clients in a highly ethical manner.